Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just an average day...

So I sleep pretty bad Monday night, my insomnia spiking up on me again like it always does when the weather gets hot. Daylight Savings Time and the weather are heartless, unforgiving bitches to me. Feel like crud all day, the way three hours of sleep make people feel, upset stomach, slightly nauseous, wrapped in fuzz that's a little too hot and coarse.

In spite of me living my life and therefore knowing my luck - no excuses not knowing where the story goes when you're the writer - I figure I'll pop some medicine before I go to bed. OTC stuff. And I do.

It doesn't work, of course, and I toss and for two or three hours. I couldn't tell, after the first hour it was an eternity of minutes. Finally my body falls asleep.

And two hours later our son comes into the room. "Water! Water!"

For those of you imaginary people who read this blog and my previous one, you may remember my son is autistic and nonverbal. If not, my son is autistic and nonverbal. His sleep pattern sucks as bad as mine does, although with him it's usually voluntary.

We're tired, I got my usual assortment of cats helping me do sadistic yoga while I sleep, so we both say "GET BACK TO BED!!!"

He does, complaining all the way. I toss and turn for another hour or so just to get a little more exercise in, finally remember it's ME, and I get up. Go see my son, he's still up and talking softly to himself. Tell him to go on in the living room and I'll get him some water. Feed the cats, get the water for the boy...and as I pass off the bottle, I realize he's quite warm.

100 degrees of warm, to be precise.

So he was probably sick and feeling bad when he came to me, and I, the loving protective caring father, snapped at him to go back to his room.

GREAT feeling. Seriously. Like sliding a long piano wire under your skin and having something acidic leak out on your guts.

So, yeah. Not a good day. He's got an app't tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seriously, don't.

Okay, here I am again. Been forever. And to that one guy who keeps on trying to place spam on my site, stop, 'kay? It's not going through and it won't go through. Whatever microcent you get paid for doing that, go somewhere else and pollue their boards.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What the Hell, make him King

Seriously. If stories like this one don't get people mad, just go ahead and give the guy a crown and stop pretending we have a Constitution.

I've been on debate boards about this and some people say "Well, it keeps us safe" and, boringly naturally, come up with the perfect scenario of 'nuclear bomb about to go off, feds know it but can't prove it, do we let rules destroy a nation?' You may remember that golden moldie from the torture debate as well.

I can see where in extreme situations you may need to step outside the law. But - and this is the part that no one seems to get - the exception should NOT be the law! You can shoot a man if you think he was going to harm you, but you have to then show why you felt that way, not be excused from the start. Perhaps a President may have to grab a citizen and hold them w/o charges, or torture someone to get information. It shouldn't be his power from the start by law; it should be against the law and let him prove it was neccesary.

But then again, I don't wear flag pins and may just have a checkered scarf in the closet, so why do I know?

Little late to the party

Yet another loyalist from Bush's realm has stepped into reality and decided, "Gee whizz, maybe all that stuff I saw wasn't that good." Today's escapee from the Bush ranks: Scott McClellan.

Of course, one always has to take in account the guy is an ex-employee, trying to sell books, and may have an axe to grind. (Like all the other Bush ex-employees trying to sell books out there already - surely none of them can be right!)

Mr. McClellan now says Bush intentionally ignored evidence on Iraq's weapons capabilities. Would this indeed be an impeachable offense, and could it be proven?

I mean, Bush has screwed everything else up so far we may as well go for the full sweep and make it legally binding that he's a horrible President.

Clinical Paranoia?

I mean, is there another reason for this crap?

And I just know you're going to be shocked that professional offense-taker Michelle Malkin is front and center in the fashion flap. This woman probably saw LSD promotion in acid washed jeans.

What's funny is she says the left takes issue with civilly raised question about A SCARF. No, Mrs. Malkin, I think the left doesn't care if you say please, thank you and drip politeness while you're discussing crazy ideas. You may get points for not being obnoxious about your insane idea, but that still means you're seeing jihadist's shadows in fashion trends. Of course, unless I'm wrong, this is the same woman who saw granite counters as evidence of wealth, so I guess she puts a lot of stock on surface things and not too much on digger deeper for real facts.

You know, like most talking heads.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The final straw

McCain, displaying a sense of timing not seen since George Bush unfurled the Mission Accomplished punchline, has finally decided his campaign has enough religious craziness in it and ejected Hagee's spittle-flecked ass out the windows of the Straight Talk express. One can only hope the Express was over water at the time, so when Hagee burbled his way to the bottom the shock that he couldn't walk on water would kill him before he drowned.

Now you may ask, as many reasonablely sane people would and a fair number of gibbering lunatics would as well, WHAT was the thing that made McCain decide that Hagee was unfit? I mean, he shrugged at the insults heaped upon the Catholic Church, even before the false priest Donohue accepted the most lawyerly phrased statement since 'I did not have sex with that woman'. He seemed not to care that Hagee felt a gay parade was the reason Katrina nailed New Orleans, which leads one to assume the Almighty might have been aiming for San Fran and missed badly.

The thing that pushed Hagee over the cliff? This. Apparently, Godwin's law has a much more FAIL effect in politics than on debate boards.

But look at this closely. McCain had to have known that Hagee's particular brand of snake oil is apocalyptic end times, when the nation of Israel would be attacked by the forces of evil. Without the Nazis, there would be no nation to attack, therefore, the Nazis would doing God's work.

It's batshiat crazy and tinfoil fashion insane, but it's internally logical by its own rules. When a crazy guy says purple unicorns pass pine cones, and since his neighbor's yard is full of pine cones but his isn't this means the purple unicorns hang out with neighbor Bob - well, he's still nuts, but at least he's consistent.

So McCain pitched a man for connecting the dots, not for being hateful or insulting. He didn't condemn the man for having a psychopathic delusional belief, he denounced him for following that belief in a 'rational' fashion. So insanity, okay. Gratitious insult, hunky-dory. Gay-bashing, big deal.

But consistency in following this insane, insulting, gay-bashing bellief? McCain can't handle that.

Which is a lot like allowing some guy who swears aliens are following him AND have hired Asians to spy on him AND who roundly blasts Unitarians as agents of the devil to be your friend, and only getting mad when he refuses to go out for Chinese food.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Another step to man-turtle marriage!

Today, Rick Santorum is busily shtupping his wife, trying desperately to keep their marriage alive after California launched a big rainbow colored missle at that sacred institute.

Yes, the end of marriage as we know it was finalized when California said gay married people have to have the same rights as hetero married people. Did you feel the cold breath of Hell? Did your wife become a lesbian? Did you husband confess to liking show tunes?

No? You don't mean gay-baiting panderers like the FRC were WRONG, do you?

Do yourself a favor. Read Greenwald's take on it before you debate it, b/c a lot of the arguments coming from opponents won't be worth the spittle they deliver it with and you can destroy them easily.