Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Clinical Paranoia?

I mean, is there another reason for this crap?

And I just know you're going to be shocked that professional offense-taker Michelle Malkin is front and center in the fashion flap. This woman probably saw LSD promotion in acid washed jeans.

What's funny is she says the left takes issue with civilly raised question about A SCARF. No, Mrs. Malkin, I think the left doesn't care if you say please, thank you and drip politeness while you're discussing crazy ideas. You may get points for not being obnoxious about your insane idea, but that still means you're seeing jihadist's shadows in fashion trends. Of course, unless I'm wrong, this is the same woman who saw granite counters as evidence of wealth, so I guess she puts a lot of stock on surface things and not too much on digger deeper for real facts.

You know, like most talking heads.

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