Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rebirthed! Restarted! Redone! Reheated!

You may, or probably don't, remember me from those days at Owned By Cats. After what was only a short break in geologic terms, I've decided to refire up the blogging engine and see how much oil is needed. Expect blue smoke for a while.

Owned By Cats will still be up with all the old posts on it, since for some strange reasons Google is acting like the government agency that wanted proof of death brought in by the dead person themselves:

LOG ON: (my email)
PASSWORD: (my password)


Okay, then, let's try logging in the old way...

LOG ON: (my email)
PASSWORD: (old password)

EMAIL AND PASSWORD DO NOT MATCH. YOUR EMAIL IS the same one I put in the first time!

I guess they want my writing preserved for posterity. Blackmail material, perhaps.

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