Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Family Update

As I said way back when, my son was diagnosed autistic. We're very lucky that he's quite high level, but one area we have problems in is he still doesn't talk much, and when he does it's the 'hard' stuff - naming things, saying what he wants to eat or to do.

The softer things, like how do you feel and where does it hurt, he doesn't get. And this can lead to anything from frustration to terror.

If he's cranky in the morning, is it because he didn't sleep good or because he has a migraine? I can keep him home and be safe, but he could be fine. That's a minor one.

Major? How about last October when we got in a wreck? Guy lost control, came over the median and T-boned us at 40 MPH. Spun us around, totaled the car, and of course the Prince was screaming up a storm...but because of the shock of the wreck, or because he was really hurt?

Didn't take any chances, called the ambulance as soon as the car stopped moving and I regained consciousness. (Only out for a few seconds.) This did lead to a grimly funny moment, when an off duty paramedic couple came running over and offered to check my son. They gave him a once-over and asked him questions to see if he was okay, which of course he didn't answer. The woman came into the front seat and whispered very nervously, "He's not responding, he may have a head injury."

"No, he's autistic."

She wasn't sure whether to be relieved or sorry. He was fine, by the way.

He is getting better and is doing well in school. In fact, they think he's above 1st grade standards already. Only issue is getting him to respond effectively to show he knows it to the satisfaction of school standards. We're working on some alternate techniques.

All in all, pretty good but could be better.

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