Thursday, May 15, 2008

Maybe I Just Don't Get It

"Sweetie"? THIS gets people upset?

Apparently, yes.

I can only hope fervently Obama had his lapel pin on at the Rag-nickname-rok, or his campaign may well be over now. Damned by a diminutive, as it were.

Look, I can sorta kinda understand women saying it's demeaning and belittling to be called sweetie. Sorta kinda. I mean, if he had said 'ma'am' there would, Gods willing, be no uproar since 'ma'am' apparently only denotes sexuality, I don't get it but I can see women being offended at it. I guess if McCain or Bush calls a male reporter son, or butch, or stud, everyone will jump all over it.

But from this one fairly minimal time, some people have decided it makes him sexist and unprepared to be on the world stage - Ann Althouse wonders if he'd call Ahmadinejad that in a summit, the exact same way she wondered if Bush would attempt to rub Ahmadinejad down the way he did Angela Merkel. (Of course she didn't say this, but wouldn't it have been nice to see her batshiatness avalanche both ways?) The uproar and outrage on OTB's collection of reactions is just that you would have thought Obama called the reporter 'bitch', asked if she was on the rag or what, demanded she take off her shoes and get back in the kitchen, and attempted to impregnante her right then and there. I mean, there you've obviously got sexism. But 'sweetie'?

Some on the far left, always looking for a reason to be upset, never ones to shirk from perceived ills, must almost be schizophernic. A black man? Good! Who may have said something sexist? Bad! TILT TILT TILT TILT

Some of the right, a la "Non-sweetie" Althouse...well, I'll just say she's not almost schizophernic here.

Isn't it nice to see the right and the left marching in lockstep overreaction? Obama, truly a uniter.


gigglechick said...

To Queen Elizabeth II: "Nice tiara, Sweetie"

To Margaret Thatcher: "Yeah, Sweetie, you were a great Prime Minister"

To Nancy Pelosi: "Hey you're rockin' that Speaker of the House position, Sweetie"

Brian said...

Can't tell if you're being satirical or psychic here...