Thursday, May 22, 2008

The final straw

McCain, displaying a sense of timing not seen since George Bush unfurled the Mission Accomplished punchline, has finally decided his campaign has enough religious craziness in it and ejected Hagee's spittle-flecked ass out the windows of the Straight Talk express. One can only hope the Express was over water at the time, so when Hagee burbled his way to the bottom the shock that he couldn't walk on water would kill him before he drowned.

Now you may ask, as many reasonablely sane people would and a fair number of gibbering lunatics would as well, WHAT was the thing that made McCain decide that Hagee was unfit? I mean, he shrugged at the insults heaped upon the Catholic Church, even before the false priest Donohue accepted the most lawyerly phrased statement since 'I did not have sex with that woman'. He seemed not to care that Hagee felt a gay parade was the reason Katrina nailed New Orleans, which leads one to assume the Almighty might have been aiming for San Fran and missed badly.

The thing that pushed Hagee over the cliff? This. Apparently, Godwin's law has a much more FAIL effect in politics than on debate boards.

But look at this closely. McCain had to have known that Hagee's particular brand of snake oil is apocalyptic end times, when the nation of Israel would be attacked by the forces of evil. Without the Nazis, there would be no nation to attack, therefore, the Nazis would doing God's work.

It's batshiat crazy and tinfoil fashion insane, but it's internally logical by its own rules. When a crazy guy says purple unicorns pass pine cones, and since his neighbor's yard is full of pine cones but his isn't this means the purple unicorns hang out with neighbor Bob - well, he's still nuts, but at least he's consistent.

So McCain pitched a man for connecting the dots, not for being hateful or insulting. He didn't condemn the man for having a psychopathic delusional belief, he denounced him for following that belief in a 'rational' fashion. So insanity, okay. Gratitious insult, hunky-dory. Gay-bashing, big deal.

But consistency in following this insane, insulting, gay-bashing bellief? McCain can't handle that.

Which is a lot like allowing some guy who swears aliens are following him AND have hired Asians to spy on him AND who roundly blasts Unitarians as agents of the devil to be your friend, and only getting mad when he refuses to go out for Chinese food.

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