Tuesday, May 13, 2008

God, I hate this guy

William Donohue heads the Catholic League, whose apparent mission is to find anti-Catholicism in everything that doesn't recite a Latin Ave Maria. He's protested TV shows, books, movies and probably cloud formations he didn't feel were appropriately deferential to the Catholic Church.

John McCain seeks and gets an endorsement from one 'religious' man, John Hagee by name. Mr. Hagee has called the Catholic Church the great whore, an apostate church, the anti-Christ and a false cult.

Given Mr. Donohue got a major case of the clutching pearls over a show that DARED to show a Catholic priests having doubts, surely this would send him into near-Victorian levels of outrage, offense and offal-spewing?

At first, yes. Fair enough - nutjob's at least consistent, eh?


A half-apology (comments the Catholic Church MAY have found hurtful? Is whore like 'mah niggah'?) and promises to be more balanced in his opinions of the church ('while the Catholic Church MAY have been responsible for homosexually sodomizing kittens while cross-dressed and pissing on the Bible, we don't know it for sure')is all Donohue needed to soothe his ruffled epistles?

I don't know who's more pathetic, this gibbering hypocrite or the mindless sheep that follow this spasmodic offense factory masquerading as religion.

PS - I stipulate right up front this add-on would earn Brendan Nyhan's swami graphic for attempted mind reading, but dammit, even swamis can call a right one once in a while.

If Pastor Wright had spouted off stuff like Hagee did, you think a false toothed form letter of an apology would have been accepted at all from Donohue, offendee-in-charge?

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