Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What the Hell, make him King

Seriously. If stories like this one don't get people mad, just go ahead and give the guy a crown and stop pretending we have a Constitution.

I've been on debate boards about this and some people say "Well, it keeps us safe" and, boringly naturally, come up with the perfect scenario of 'nuclear bomb about to go off, feds know it but can't prove it, do we let rules destroy a nation?' You may remember that golden moldie from the torture debate as well.

I can see where in extreme situations you may need to step outside the law. But - and this is the part that no one seems to get - the exception should NOT be the law! You can shoot a man if you think he was going to harm you, but you have to then show why you felt that way, not be excused from the start. Perhaps a President may have to grab a citizen and hold them w/o charges, or torture someone to get information. It shouldn't be his power from the start by law; it should be against the law and let him prove it was neccesary.

But then again, I don't wear flag pins and may just have a checkered scarf in the closet, so why do I know?

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