Friday, May 16, 2008

Credit where credit is due

Chris Matthews is one of the worst talking heads on TV. No minutae is too little for him to obsess over, making breakfast beverages the equivalent of the Potsdam declaration and shooting pool like windsurfing polo on solid gold boards all to show how Obama (the current target) is out of step with everyday society. 'cause we all know that orange juice is a CLEAR sign of elitism...look at Florida, the state that has its own tag on Fark. Brendan Nyhan, a man of inifinte patience and an apparently unexplodable brain, keeps track of all Matthews's common man id's, showing them to be about as accurate as the ones seen at the local bar during 2 for 1 specials.

But...damn if Matthews didn't do good here. I'm sure Kevin James will portray this as exactly opposite of what happened, given that history is a glaring weak point for him.

But man. You just got made to look like an idiot by a man who feels that Obama can't order orange juice the right way. There may be more clearer signs of epic FAIL, but they usually end in actual death, not just the death of self-respect.

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